Vastu for construction of your home

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Vastu shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture and construction that aids in creating a comfortable environment or a place to live and work in a methodical manner while utilizing the advantages provided by nature, its elements, and energy fields for improved wealth, health, prosperity, and happiness. According to some people, the five fundamental elements of nature are earth, water, fire, air, and the energy of the planets. One's home and place of business can be coordinated using vastu because each has its own unique set of dynamics. Shastra has a significant impact on all aspects of life, including health, life, education, thinking, prosperity, marriage, and peace of mind, according to its proponents. For some people, these guidelines still hold true today. They hold that the "Vastu Shastra" science regulates the earth's magnetic and gravitational forces.We all desire to make a dream home of our own, where we can live happily with our loved ones. While property agents take care of your desired location and facilities around the home, they pay little or no attention to the vastu for the house. This can be a grievous mistake, as the Vastu for home is a crucial aspect that determines the quality of life for its occupants.

Directional Facing of the Home

The directional facing of the home is the most common and important factor to consider when purchasing a home. It is the direction you face when exiting through the main entrance. This determines the vastu for the house to a large extent. Though each direction has its own set of characteristics, the north, east, and north east zones are thought to be the most auspicious. Also, for good vastu, ensure that the main door is single-framed, opens inwards, and is larger and more prominent than any other door in the house.


Master Bedroom

The master bedroom represents a very special zone. It is where you sleep, rest, and replenish your energy for the following day's tasks. It is critical that you have peace and quiet in your bedroom. To achieve this, try to position your master bedroom in the south-west zone. It provides ideal balance with the vastu for the home. If it is not available, you can head west, north, and then south. Make certain that your bed does not line up with the bedroom door or sit directly beneath any beams.



The kitchen represents food, which provides nutrition as well as protection against a variety of diseases. It also contains an important natural element, fire. As a result, having a vastu-compliant kitchen is critical for ensuring the best vastu for your home.Place the kitchen in the south zone, particularly the south of south east (SSE), for getting the best result. If it is not available position the same in the west corner instead.


Puja Room

Every home, regardless of faith, should have a separate section for offering prayer. To ensure the best vastu for the house, the best direction to do so is north-east. It is Lord Shiva's domain and thus represents divinity. Praying in this zone can assist you in connecting with divine energy.


Living Room

Another important space is the living room. In this zone, we spend quality time with our family and entertain our guests. As a result, it represents both bonding and socialisation. The best direction for a living room is east of north east (ENE), followed by north-east.



The proper positioning of the bathroom is critical, as negative water force is generated in it. If it is placed in an arbitrary direction, it will pollute the entire home's energy field.Bathrooms and toilets should be placed in the zones of south of south west (SSW), west of north west (WNW), and east of south east (ESE) for the best vastu for the house (ESE).


These are generally good vastu guidelines for a medium-sized house. If you live in a multi-story home, you will need more guidance for the various other sections, such as the placement of the garden, parking lot, penthouse, and so on.Personal consultation with an expert vastu specialist is the best way to get recommendations for complete vastu for a house.