How to Hire An Architect

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Architects are the backbone of a perfect home. They are the lens with which you will see your dream house take shape in the real world. Architects, though 100% required, no one guides on how to select the architect. By gut feel or research, we guide you on how you can zero in on your perfect architect. Before we go further, let us discuss different kinds of architects. Residential architect They are architects who predominantly work on houses, residential units and to an extent residential developer. Residential architects work with private clients, home owners and real estate developers, for designing homes, including apartments, independent houses and villas. Most of the times, they work on a fixed price per square foot and also depends largely on how much you negotiate with them. Commercial architect These are architects who does heavy duty jobs like designing a Commercial space, including hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, museums, schools, etc. They must have thorough knowledge about the commercial building codes and safety regulations. Commercial projects are usually large-scale projects and involve a team of architects and consultants. These are most likely architectural firms who work as a team and conclude the design. Industrial architect Industrial architects have expertise in designing and planning industrial units, including factories, storage buildings, warehouses, power plants, logistics facilities, etc. Industrial architects aim to design spaces that can be optimally utilised and to provide ergonomic space for users. Landscape architect Landscape architects mainly design outdoor areas, such as lawns, public gardens, parks and walking paths. They are also responsible for designing projects, including resorts, golf courses and recreational spaces. Many landscape architects work on seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor spaces. They have expertise in horticulture and focus on creating spaces having aesthetic value. Interior architect Interior architects are accredited architects, who focus on the art and science of creating interior spaces, covering aspects like materials, lighting, etc. They work on the structural aspects of how a design will transform and possess technical know-how of construction methods. How to hire an architect for custom home? Remodelling or constructing a house requires a lot of planning. Hiring a qualified architect will take you closer to your objective, as the person will study your project, address the challenges and present solutions that suit your budget and needs. 1. Consult your relatives If you have never remodelled your home before, you should ask the people closest to you, for suggestions. Your relatives, family member, colleagues, and close friends can give referrals of architects. You must also ask people who have remodelled their homes so that they can tell you about their experience. If their expectations lived up to the mark, you might like to consult with the people they know. 2. Research about architects There are times you might not have anyone to give you suggestions. Even if you do, you need to be sure that they are one of the best architects. Try to keep options at hand and then choose the perfect person to do the job. You can also look out for companies rather than selecting one person to take over entirely. 3. Know their credentials Just like hiring any other person to do a job, you need to check the credentials for the architects in Hyderabad. You will never know what more they can offer you until you fully know about them. You must check their qualifications, achievements, and then choose if it is good to go ahead with the deal. 4. Check on licensing Before you choose any service, you need to know if the architects are licensed or not. You should never hire an architect who is not licensed. His proof not only adds to his credentials but also assures you that he is professional and skilled. 5. Check past work It is essential to check the previous work done by an architect. Most of them will have portfolios to exhibit the work they have done before. You can analyze their creative skills or simply know that they have the experience to take up your task. Portfolios also help you try out something unique from what the architect has done already. 6. Estimate a cost You need to know how much the architecture design for the home will cost you. These are expensive indulgences and must be fairly charged. If you want the best in town, you might have to spend a little more. However, that will assure you of better quality and reliability. These were the top aspects you need to consider while choosing an architect for revamping the look of your home. Indulge in the developmental process, and you are sure to get unbelievable results. Good work will make your home feel more homely to come back to, at the end of the day! Questions to ask an architect Careful research is a must, to find the right architect who will deliver a complete range of services that is financially viable for you. Here are some questions that you should ask your architect to make an informed decision. How does the design process work? Designing a home is a collaborative process. It starts with assessing the project requirements. The architect then moves to a conceptual design and discusses technical issues and the structural integrity of the house with structural engineers. Since the demand for sustainable buildings has increased, architects are responsible for assisting in improving energy efficiency, by integrating designs that allow maximum natural light and ventilation. Do the architect have a signature style? Make sure the architect’s vision is aligned with your vision and idea of a project. Most architects have the skill to modify their style to match a client’s needs. An architect may have the expertise in designing cottage homes, contemporary or traditional-style structures. By understanding their signature style, you can decide what works best for you. What are the services that they offer? It is important to know the extent up to which the architect will manage a project. Many architects provide a complete range of services, apart from creating the design and blueprints. They can also provide services, such as managing the entire project, hiring a contractor, monitoring the contractor’s work, making design adjustments, reviewing invoices, etc. Does the architect provide three-dimensional drawings? It is essential to get visuals and understand how ideas and drawings will be shown. It may not be easy to read a standard two-dimensional plan. Most architects nowadays have software to deliver three-dimensional drawings that you can rotate and view from different angles, to know how a design will look in the real world. What is the estimated timeline for the project? It is crucial to have a frank conversation with your architect and set a realistic timeline for the house construction project. Sometimes, project delays may happen if the client is not available for discussions. So, it is necessary to plan a timetable and mutually adhere to it. What are the charges for the work? One should also have an open conversation about the professional fees and budget. Typically, architects charge a fixed fee rate or a percentage of the project’s cost. The charges may vary, depending on the services provided. What are the issues or challenges in the project? There may be some challenges related to the technical aspects of the project. Sometimes, the home owners may have unrealistic expectations pertaining to the time and budget. There could also be the challenge of making every room Vastu-friendly while fulfilling the other requirements. Problem-solving is one of the traits of architects. An experienced architect will look at these challenges and evaluate all the possibilities, to provide the best solution. You must ask if the architect has worked on a similar project. Will the architect be open to inputs and feedback? Some home owners prefer leaving the entire design of their house to the architect, while others may prefer to get involved in the project. It is better to ask beforehand, if the architect is open to taking suggestions and inputs. How much does it cost to hire an architect? The services rendered by architects vary, depending on the type of project. In India, architects charge for their services as specified by the Council of Architecture, a statutory government body constituted under the Architects Act, 1972. Usually, the charges are around 5% to 15% of the total cost of a project, depending on various factors like plot size, security features included and scale of the project. Architects may also charge a per sq ft rate or a lump-sum amount, depending on the project cost.