Guide To Building A Home

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One of the most interesting projects you may undertake is the construction of a new home. But because it's so complicated, if you don't know what to predict, it may be rather stressful. We've created a step-by-step guide on building a home to ease the process seem less daunting.

STEP 1: Defining Your Needs

The first stage is to consider the kind of house you want to construct and create a project brief based on your needs. This includes the type of property, the style of house, the location and your budget. All of these need to tie together, so do your research to see what’s viable.

List the past residences you have occupied and what you liked and disliked about them while imagining your dream home. Space needs, future planning, practicality, and neighbourhood suitability will all come into play here.You should also consider your desired living environment and the type of home that will work effectively there.

STEP 2: Financing Your Project

When you start thinking about all the factors to consider, the cost of building a new home can be a complicated topic. This includes all the experts that’ll need to be involved, labor, materials, appliances, permits, etc. Create an itemized budget to work out accurate and realistic costings.

You’ll also need to consider how to finance your new project. If you have savings, this makes things easier, but you still need to think about your expenses and stick to your budget as much as possible. Before continuing, consider your choices, such as a construction mortgage, and get financial counsel if you need money for your project.

You can also start looking for potential lots to build on. This will simplify your decision-making if you're selecting a custom floor layout. Remember that almost every home will be subject to covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) so if you find the perfect lot, stick to ideas which come within the realms of these to avoid setbacks later on.

STEP 3: Finding a Floor Plan & Home Designer

Depending on what you require, you can select the best floor plan or hire a home designer. Find a business that specializes in the design kinds you require and has experience working on projects similar to yours. Experienced designers will usually have a collection of stock floor plans as well as the ability to offer custom home design services. To ensure that you are working with professionals, it's also crucial to browse through their portfolio and contact any references they may have provided.

Once you've decided what you want, a professional designer will discuss all the important issues with you regarding your house, provide you with a price range, and frequently meet you at your lot if you have one. In order to get your approval, they will sketch out a preliminary version of your house and repeat the process multiple times until you are satisfied.

It’s also important to find the right builder for your project who’ll communicate well, has the experience and qualifications to undertake your project and has a good reputation. Your designer will want to include them early on in the process, so they should be someone who can work well with you preferred home designer. Depending on your project, your designer could even be able to suggest a builder.

STEP 4: Planning

The fun part will now begin! Now is the moment to make sure every detail of the planning process is perfect and build the house of your dreams. You will be led through this process by your home's designer and builder.

This includes:

  • Finalizing all the small details of your new home
  • Estimated costs, full costs and payment plans
  • Scaled plans, floor plans and front elevations
  • All modifications and CAD (computer-aided designs)
  • Involvement of engineers and subcontractors required
  • Decisions about materials, finishes, fixtures and fittings
  • Warranty discussions
  • Creating the final construction document
  • Ensuring everything is in place for your build to start including surveys, contracts, permits and permissions required
  • A final construction schedule in place

Your dream home can start taking shape now that the ideal construction has been planned.

STEP 5: Building Your Dream Home

Your construction crew will work according to a schedule and a method as they build your new house. This covers the interiors, plumbing, electrical systems, and framing, among other things.

Throughout the building process, you will also be given the opportunity to tour your new house during walkthroughs, which will allow you to view the progress that has been done and to provide your approval before moving into the final stages of construction.

Before giving you your first orientation to your new home, the building company will do a quality control examination when your build is complete. You'll also have a payment schedule to adhere to, and once that's done, you'll know when to move in!