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About the Keyspot Properties Pvt. Ltd.

Kerala is quickly becoming the hot-spot for Residence and Property investment seekers around the country. The ethos of its residents and the intricate connect with nature makes this place all the more appealing. With the rise in this trend, we met a number of individuals and firms facing hassles with their property construction or management requirements. Keyspot was formed following that in 2018 at Kochi, Kerala with a vision to assist residents and non-residents of Kerala with General construction, Property management, Architectural, Interior designing and Real estate services. The company was formed by Jayesh G Mathew and Jithin Johnson, who come from investment and management backgrounds. We currently offer our services in and around Kerala, and will be soon broadening to other cities across India. Customer loyalty has always been our primary strength. We strive to improve on our time and quality benchmarks with each completed project. A home is one among the many important dreams in your life, we help you build it in your budget - the way you like it! ​ READ MORE