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About the Arafath & Associates

Arafath Associates Pvt. Ltd offers a strong technical expertise, a deep creative vision and broad architectural and home interiors design capabilities to meet client’s needs and tastes.Since its formation, Arafath Associates Pvt. Ltd projects has grown swiftly to become the landmarks of success and aestheticism.Our uniqueness is our strength and it has made us top the list of some of the best home interior designers. We offer design and planning services for new architecture, renovations and additions.The quality, value and excellence we preserve and uphold in our services have made us the leading architecture company in Kerala. Our development planning skills enable us to consider a project “idea” through to the completion of detailing and to undertake a thorough analysis of a project’s feasibility. This will typically involve the development of a project brief, concept design, preliminary cost, estimates, market research feasibility studies, programmers and obtaining all statutory approvals to enable the project to proceed. READ MORE