5 Dots Gallery

About the 5 Dots

Being at the center of everything else, dots are essentially building blocks from which emerge multitude designs and shapes. Being a point of focused attention, a dot generally arouses curiosity in the way a particular design unfolds or takes shape. Similarly, at Five dots, we create innovative architectural designs by deriving inspiration from the five elements of nature namely earth, fire, water, air and space to create positive and comfortable living spaces for clients. We firmly believe that the vibration and energy in a place can be altered by harnessing the potential of these five elements (signified by five dots) in the right way. Just like how the dots actively influence the space around them, we aim at creating symmetrical spaces that are not only visually appealing but also conducive to reside in. Regardless of whether the project is large or small, we believe in creating durable structures through our innovative form, versatile function and go-green approach. READ MORE