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About the Rikhina Akhil Architects

RIKHINA AKHIL ARCHITECTS is one of the leading architecture and design practice based in Kannur (Kerala), that offers its clients a comprehensive and integrated solution that answers the need of clients from concept design to completion.Specializing in both Residential and Commercial domains, Rikhina Akhil Architects offers wide spectrum of services in the disciplines of architecture, 3D designing, planning and interior designpromising a customer oriented approach.From the inception till today, Rikhina Akhil Architects has given special focus on contextual design with functionality well taken care of. They also practice with a unique approach towards varying budgets and the briefs. Perhaps, this approach has explicitly made repeat commissions and has helped build lasting relationship with clients.The portfolio of Rikhina Akhil Architect holds together a varied mix of commercial as well as residential projects and has proudly covered a wide spectrum of domains from one-off homes, office spaces, institutional and religious establishment to other leisure spaces.Consistent learning and research has made Rikhina Akhil Architects adept in latest and trending design concepts that ensures aesthetically appealing and functionally precise results. Rikhina Akhil Architects is an associated in-house collaboration with Fastline Homes, a reputed builder and construction company, that together serves the client from the design to construction and ensures prompt delivery to the clients.At Rikhina Akhil Architects, Environment sensitivity and Social responsibility are well respected and taken care of. READ MORE