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About the Design Identity

A structure takes shape from a dream - a dream to create one's own space on this planet. We all need the right space, a safe cocoon where we can grow, develop, and chase our goals. At Design Identity, we aim to build structures that are your own haven. We pay attention to your distinct requirements and develop seamless and customized structures that connect you to your surroundings and do not isolate you from your immediate environment. Styles and trends may change, but we believe in utilizing Sustainable Solutions to create concrete structures that will stand the test of time. Architecture has the potential to change a community through sensible designs that ensure minimal wastage of raw materials and facilitate Maximum Utilization of natural sources of light and ventilation. Our team of architects, designers, and landscapers visualize Structures based on the specific demands of clients, as well as on the uniqueness of the location. Our buildings are like nests built on trees; they blend into the environment while retaining their distinctive identities. Architecture has the power to transform society through foresight as well as renovation. Existing structures can be restored and given a new lease of life through innovative techniques by our efficient team of experienced professionals. The Design Identity Team looks forward to creating the best by combining ethos, aesthetics, and traditional engineering techniques, along with the latest technological advancements. READ MORE