PRAJC Gallery

About the PRAJC

PraJc roots from the concepts of reflecting design through a paradigm beyond structures. To believe in something is to understand, analyse and echo it. We believe in the simplicity of happiness. As architects, as humans, our belief is to create spaces that blend in, to let what it addresses stand out. We design homes that make you want to stay. We create offices that give you the intent to achieve much more. We create cafes beyond food and closer to conversations. We believe in creating and recreating everything that makes our lives happier and simpler. An epoch to make tangible a memory. Our studio upheld the evolution of a project over delivering just a product. We intend to make every design a story worth telling for a long time and be remembered for more. PraJc believes in the simplicity of what you see and the complexity of the happiness you feel from that. READ MORE