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Welcome to AidaHC Home Studio – Aida & Aura Kitchens, Wardrobe & Closets!! At AidaHC we are passionate about meeting our clients design tastes and needs while maintain high standards. AidaHC offers a unique platter of different ranges of Modular kitchens, Wardrobes and Closets. Right from budget or premium kitchens to full height designer Wardrobe and Closets with varieties of hue to choose from. All Concepts of AidaHC designer products are designed and manufactured in India on European Machineries installed at site. As we have all the production facilities in-house, it helps us in maintain highest level of standards and also enables us produce a kitchen or wardrobe in a short time span of up to 25 days. This implies timely production and deliveries on time. Customized to one’s needs, we make your dream kitchens a reality and design bespoke kitchens with full optimization of space. As per Indian cooking requirements, specially designed and developed cooking hobs from Europe in different styles and varieties are available to suit ones needs. Powerful Chimneys (cooker hoods) from Whirlpool have been designed and manufactured in Europe to suit the various cooking habits across India. Big size of Garbage bins with a smart distribution of compartments made of segregation of waste is incorporated in AidaHC – Aida & Aura Kitchens. In built Appliances e.g. Refrigerators, Owens and Cool drawers etc raises the functionality and enhances the look and feel of the AidaHC – Aida & Aura Kitchens. At AidaHC HOME STUDIO – Aida & Aura Kitchens, style follows functionality and efficiency to meet your distinctive tastes by creg exclusively beautiful and warm kitchens & wardrobes for the very special YOU!! READ MORE