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About the Design Corporate Architect Associate

Design Corporate Architects was founded by Architect Vikas Raveendran in 2011 at Kannur with a vision to contribute the current era by reattaching it to the past and reconstruct from the remnants of our tradition. Building with a local vision and a global perspective, we are a team of experienced professionals providing innovative solutions to Architectural design challenges. We strive to create value and deliver timely solutions to our customers.Our architectural design solutions are created to inspire, uplift and delight. They are passionately nurtured to enhance the activity for which they are commissioned. We design holistically and in coordination with our engineering colleagues to provide better places to live, work and play. We have developed a wide experience in healthcare , hospitality, education, leisure, residential and commercial projects. We stands as the future emerging out from the past, we realise to reattach to the past and reconstruct form the remnants of our tradition. For as tradition simply means that, we need to end what began well and continue what is worth continuing. In this face of modern crisis, we turn our eyes to the past and create a spatial continuity crafting a cross fertilised architecture and gain innovation at the first glance. We are a group of vibrant Architects working collectively for the betterment of the society. We rely on evidence and emotional based designs for addressing the challenges that we face. It involves penetrating researches into the context with all its characteristic and essentials. Helping as to define an irreplaceable and precise answer for the challenge. Design Corporate articulates our aspiration to design in parallel with the nature, in respond to the needs and achieve fineness by exploring and pursuing strong but simple notions with the spirit of creativity. We balance every project’s unique circumstances and expected use to create an appealing facility design. We work closely with owners, engineers and construction professionals to create comprehensive design solutions. The deep collaboration not only serves the project’s functional requirements, but also maximises the project’s aesthetics and enhances the end-user’s experience. READ MORE