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About the Design plus

Founded in 2005, Designplus,as the name denotes,is a design firm on multiple genres,based in the Kozhikode district of Kerala, made up of a strong team of talented and innovative individuals. At Designplus, we strive to develop ideas that reverberate with an endless frequency. We specialize in Architectural, Landscape, Interior and Furniture Design. We work at all scales and aim to transform all kinds of spaces into interactive ones.Our objective is to formulate a unique and efficient component that ranges from various categories that include residential, commercial, institutional, hotels, resorts, villas and apartment projects, through a process that involves the use of different materials, scales, daylight and modulation of spatial configuration. Each project is the resultant output of careful analysis and a detailed design development process. Client requirements are taken into account, with an in-depth understanding of their specific needs and aspirations, resulting in an effective design solution, well suited to their needs. Our design aims to blur the boundaries between the outdoor and the indoor environments, hence creating a transparent flow between various spaces that are involved. We pay careful attention to details and aim to produce design solutions as per the allocated time and budget. Our achievement does not lie in the efforts of a single person but rather focuses on mutual ambitions. We strive to work as a strong team with regard for individual skills. READ MORE