de Earth Gallery

About the de Earth

De Earth is a community of people with common interests, whose passion is in exploring happiness through design, architecture and spatial responses. We believe, we need to begin celebrating our being, identifying our relationships with nature, life & our immediate surroundings, to help us conceptualise the best of creative responses, rooted to context, culture & content. Our responses come from respecting relationships, within & beyond the premises, nurturing values & deeper meanings. We thrive to celebrate relationships through experiential spaces evoking senses & emotions. We believe in co living with nature, in each & every moment, exploring our responses to the elements, earth, water, fire , air & space. We share this, experience this and engage with this & become part of the ecosystem. Our journey in architecture becomes worthwhile, as we extend the purpose beyond each project to the overall well being of the community and the larger good of humanity. We find happiness every moment, every day, in every task, and along this journey, celebrating our work, our relationships, our engagements with new every time and our explorations with space. READ MORE