SOHO Architecture Gallery

About the SOHO Architecture

SOHO is an architectural consultancy based in Calicut, Kerala. Living in tastefully done environments should be made more commonplace and when that's done, you have a more equitable world. Soho is all for such a world. And it is not just the first look we are talking about. To cut a good-looking exterior, we need sturdy structures as well as connectable and fully functional interiors. We take it upon us to create this feel and function in homogeneous form. When you walk inside, you'll know.In the jigsaw of need for beauty, space and function, we see solution ; that is to say, we are more solution-centric than anything else. And therefore it is in our guiding principles to play up our creativity when it comes to solving ecological architecture.'Take and give back' is what we believe in. Also, perceptions of class refine themselves with relevance to the times we live in. We discard outdated and are straightforward with our designs. 'Lagom' we say and practice. Your spaces are our concern.*Lagom - Swedish for 'just right'. READ MORE