About the Nihaara Architects

Nihaara Architects is in the region since 2001 and is well known in Kerala for our excellent skills in architectural and interior design concepts. Nihaara Architects offers comprehensive design solutions in architecture, interior design, engineering, planning and landscape architecture for all types of projects. The firm prides itself for providing the best services in all design disciplines within resourceful initiatives and novel aesthetics. The frame-work which we chose to ground each project is with a no-nonsense approach addressing from the start of design as well the technical considerations at all levels, whether architectural, interior design, structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and in sustainability. We use design to enrich people’s lives and help organizations succeed. Nihaara Architects mission is to deliver exceptional design ideas and solutions for our clients through the creative blending of human need, environmental stewardship, value creation, science and art. Our ability to connect planning and design services across market sectors in every part of the kerala allows us to see the “big picture” and help clients innovate. We innovate by approaching design problems from different points of view, and bring deep expertise in all the services we provide. Nihaara Architects is currently developing a number of projects throughout Kerala. Nihaara’s architecture emerges out of a careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes. Not least due to the influence from multicultural exchange, global economical flows and communication technologies that all together require new ways of architectural and urban organization. We believe that in order to deal with today’s challenges, architecture can profitably move into a field that has been largely unexplored. In our projects we test the effects of size and the balance of programmatic mixtures on the triple bottom line of the social, economic and ecological outcome. Like a form of programmatic alchemy we create architecture by mixing conventional ingredients such as living, leisure, working, parking and shopping. Nihaara Architects once again find the freedom to change the surface of our planet, to better fit contemporary life forms. In all our actions we try to move the focus from the small details to the big picture.

Services Provided
  • Interior Designing
  • Home Construction
  • Architect