About the Insight ARCHITECTS

What is Insight all about? The vision titled Insight was born within the heart of Ar. Saiju Basheer dreamer & founder of Insight architects. “A response is a design” -Saiju Basheer (Principal architect) Ar. Basheer believes that every person including you and me, has a deeper understanding of ourselves as individuals. We (Insight), as humans possess the innate ability to envision ourselves, reflect our beliefs and dreams into reality. The mantra ‘a response is a design’ helped Insight to generate a diverse range of over 500 projects, a cause for celebration of 5000 days in architecture. As an innovative hub of thinkers & re-definers, we complete 15 years on the 5th of November 2017. Who is Saiju Mohammed (Ar. Basheer)? Igniting a dynamic team of architects and interior designers, Ar. Basheer has worked on a wide spectrum of projects ranging from macro commercial projects to interior designs and eminent resorts to private and luxury residences. With over 500 projects and 15 years of expertise in the field Ar. Basheer has infused his style creating a crescendo over his structures. Ar. Basheer completed his B.Arch. from the College of Engineering, Trivandrum. During his days at C.E.T, his experiences molded him, helped him explore many fields, and branch out into the dreamer he is designed to be. Being the secretary of the society of student architects, as a Convener he effectively conducted South Indian Architects Convention (ZONASA 2000.) ‘The Need for architecture in Seaport Engineering’ Ar. Basheer propagated the science of sea-port engineering by redefining the common man’s knowing of Marine sea ports, he did so by infusing the architecture he experienced in his grounded thesis titled ‘the International Sea port & Trans-Shipment Hub, Vizhinjam.’ It was recognized by the government of Kerala and referred to as ‘relevant’ and ‘uplifting’ in the present context of seaports. After this chapter, he was consecutively invited to prominent international conferences. In 2002, Invitations led him to participate in several conferences, one of which was the international conference on ‘Ocean Engineering’ held at IIT, Chennai. In 2012, He published a paper titled ‘Seaports-through the lens of architecture’ at the international conference on port structures and harbor engineering at AMET University, Chennai. Ar. Basheer had worked on his debut projects in a small business office namely Saiju Mohammed Associates right after his graduation in July 2001, which was later pioneered as the Insight CARD (Consortium for Architectural research & Design) in Trivandrum Kerala on the 5th November 2002. ‘We have horizons yet to unfold’ Insight received the Indian institute of Architect Award for outstanding contribution to the architectural field. Ar. Basheer is an associate of the Indian Institute of Interior Designers and continues to serve as a guest lecturer in many prestigious institutions of South India. More than a handful of our projects have been tele-featured by various channels in Kerala. ‘It’s time to traverse borders and make our mark’ When Insight’s projects were landmarked, we realized that it’s time to traverse cultural borders and channel the Insight vibes to the Middle East regions. In 2012, we began functioning in Oman, later in 2015 we launched Insight Consultancy Engineering for a full-fledged functioning. ‘Where is he now?’ Saiju Mohammed Basheer, resides in Thiruvanthapuram, he continues to dream, surpassing norms, sharing the reality of those dreams with you, who are reading this and proving to us, youngsters once which was a dream ‘The Insight’ is the reality we live to witness.

Services Provided
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  • Home Construction
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